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2007 Idyllwild Spring Challenge

The rise of the Phoenix

The first half of 2007 found the Weasels damaged, distracted, and burned out of the racing business. A wild fire squashed the Sagebrush Safari, injuries and a new baby got in the way of the Granny Gear 24 hour race at Temecula , and we limped in to May wondering if wed ever race again. Enter the Idyllwild Spring Challenge.

The Idyllwild Spring Challenge is a XC race that uses some of the Hurkey Creek 24 hour course, plus lots of fantastic technical single track in the mountains above. The Sport course is about 20 miles long, with about 3,900 ft. of climbing, a fair amount of hike-a-bike, and loads of technical single track. The course map and the descriptions for the 19+ and 27+ mile courses are great guides to some of the best trails around. Print 'em out and go for a fun ride.

2007 ISC Course Map.pdf

2007 ISC 19+ Mile Directions.pdf

2007 ISC 27+ Mile Directions.pdf

Shane had recovered enough from his back surgery to enter the Sport 45-49 race with Scott, and apprentice Weasel, Dave, did the Beginner race, which was mostly run on the 24 hour course. Shane expected to finish dead last, but exceeded those expectations by taking 7th place. Scott finished 2nd, which was the best StinkingWeasel finish (by one of the grown-ups) so far. Dave took 2nd in his Beginner age group. Here are the complete results.

2007 Idyllwild Spring Challenge Results