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2006 Sagebrush Safari


Dismayed, and relieved, to find that the Endurance class had been eliminated from the 2006 Sagebrush Safari, we resigned ourselves to doing a quick 17 mile race around the Sport / Beginner loop this year. Jeff, Shane, and Scott signed up for Beginner class, in their respective age groups, and hoped for the best.

There were some pretty fast "beginners" in our groups, and the start was pretty hot. Things kind of sorted themselves out on the sprint up the road and during the first climb, and we headed onto the fun stuff at Four Corners. The course was fantastic, with fast banked turns, some rocky stuff, and a vicious hike-a-bike. It was fun to be able to race with (against) each other a little bit too. On the last climb up to Four Corners, while passing a slower group of riders, Scott's rear tire rolled off the rim and dismounted with a loud "boom," sending other riders scattering, and blowing liquid latex everywhere. After remounting the tire and blasting a couple of cartridges of CO2 in, he was on his way. Too bad there was a bunch of dirt and debris in the bead, because it was down to about 20 psi by the bottom of the downhill. He squirmed his way home a couple of minutes after Shane, and a few minutes before Jeff.

Shane actually finished "in the money," with a 4th place prize---a first for the Weasels. We might have more fun (but finish closer to last in our class) if we register Sport next year, so we can avoid some of the traffic issues on the trail.

2006 Sagebrush Safari Endurance Results