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2005 Sagebrush Safari

Humility is good for the soul.

This was our first "real" XC race. We entered the brand new Endurance class, and rode about 37.25 miles around the various Lake Morena courses. The Endurance course consisted of almost 2 loops of the Sport course, followed by the Expert / Pro extension that climbed up to the Mt. Pinos lookout. We were nice and tired when we headed on to the downhill course and on to the finish. The rains made the course more technical than usual, with lots of ruts, water crossings, and some deep mud. It felt like lots of climbing, but the downhills were a blast.

We found a much higher level of competition here than at your average 24 hour relay. Of the 4 of us who went, only our Confused Too comrade, Erik, had raced that many miles in one sitting. We were overmatched, and we each did a bit of suffering, but we all finished.(5th through 8th place...out of 9 in our class! Hehehe.)

2005 Sagebrush Safari Endurance Results