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2005 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

Showdown at E-Coli Pond

If you haven't heard the 2005 edition of the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo (www.epicrides.com) was pretty interesting. The rains came, and the trails got muddier and muddier, and most multi-speed bikes quickly evolved into single-speed cement mixers. When we ran out of water in the camper for washing and reviving our drive trains (sometime after midnight), we decided to take a break and wait for the weather to clear. The rain stopped and the trails dried out a bit, and we got a few more laps in the morning. We won't even talk about the severe gastro-intestinal problems lots of riders picked up (probably from eating so much cowpie-contaminated mud out on the course). Three of the four of us were victimized to one degree or another. Anyway, here are the sorry results

2005 24 Hours in the Old Puebo race results. (We're 4-person Male)