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2009 24 Hours of Adrenalin, Hurkey Creek

Blood on the highway...

Commitment and perseverance describe the Weasel’s approach to the 2009 edition of the 24 Hours of Adrenalin at Hurkey Creek. The tone was set early on by Weasel4, who bowed out of the event so that he could properly attend to the responsibility of raising brand new little Weasel4b, who arrived on schedule just a few weeks before the race. His substitute Weasel4, our esteemed colleague and former cook, Dave, showed his level of commitment by using the impending race to justify the purchase of a new bicycle. Topping that was Dave’s brother, Tom, who decided to give the 24 hour solo category a try for the first time. He set his pit up in our site so we could help him out and be entertained by his suffering.

 Drawing upon our experiences from the 2008 race (see And now for something completely different…) we planned on running one set of double laps during the late night and early morning hours, to give us a little more time to relax, and less time cooling down and warming up. Our realistic goal was to make 23 laps, but we set up an improbable schedule that, if everything went perfectly, would yield 24 laps. Of course, perfection is a rare commodity.

 We got off to a fast start, and were way ahead of our 24 lap schedule by the time the sun went down during our third set of single laps. We were busy counting our un-hatched chickens when Perfection flew the coop. Jeff was on the technical drop-in to the Tunnel, when a rider off to the side of the trail looked at him, thus blinding him with a helmet light. Jeff hit a rock, launched off the side of the trail, and landed headfirst in a bunch of boulders. The result was a destroyed helmet, one entire leg hamburger, torn up fingers and hands, whiplash, and --- adding insult to injury --- a flat front tire. He somehow repaired his flat, and finished his lap in a blood drenched 1:17. We removed him from our rotation and sent him off to the medics for evaluation.

 We finished our single lap rotation, and our remaining 3 riders did a set of doubles, and then back to singles after dawn. We somehow got back to a reasonable pace and by late morning Jeff raised himself from the dead, removed the bandages from his leg (“they hurt…”), and insisted on doing one more lap. He cranked one out in about an hour, leaving time for Weasel2 to get in our 23rd lap well before the 1:00 PM closing time, securing 3rd place in our 4-person category.

 Kudos to our buddy (and brother), Tom, who completed a stunning 20 laps and placed 2nd in the solo 24 hour category. We’re not worthy to clean his chain.

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