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2007 24 Hours of Adrenalin, Hurkey Creek

"Excuse me...Weasel comin' through"

Noaa.gov warned about the "strongest September storm to hit the area in over 20 years," and we took them seriously. The forecast was for rain Friday and the first half of Saturday, with overnight lows in the low 30s. The rain never really materialized, but the threat spooked us into action. Jeff rented an RV, we all came prepared with tarps, warm clothes, and stiff upper lips. As a consequence, everyone had a great time.

The original team was back together, with Shane's rehabilitated back, Marc's intact shoulder and ribs, and Jeff's pain-free (I think) wrist. Our goal was to hit the elusive (for us) 24 lap mark, and by the end of the third lap we were about 15 minutes ahead of our target 1:02 per lap average. Unfortunately, during Marc's very fast first lap, the course had to be closed for a helicopter evacuation of a rider who went down hard and got impaled. (That's going to leave a mark.) After a 20 minute wait, what would have been about a 55 minute lap turned into a 1:15 lap, and our 24 lap goal was pretty much shot. But we were all feeling pretty quick on the bike, and we were determined to just keep rolling and have fun.

Overnight things got a bit challenging, as the temperature dropped, a bit of light rain fell off and on, and we each went through our middle lap aches, pains, and depression. The RV was our salvation though, and besides giving us a place to rest and cook, we were able to hang out together more and keep the demons at bay. Perseverance is always the key to making it through that period, and persevere we did. In the wee hours of Sunday morning our support saint, Dave, cooked all kinds of treats for us (bacon and egg sandwich, hamburgers, sausage, etc...), which fueled our effort to keep ticking off laps. We passed more than we got passed, and all our demons retreated as the sun came up.

When noon rolled around we were surprised and pleased to find that we had 3rd place locked up, which together with jr. Weasel Ryan Little's win of the Kid's race made for our best result ever, and the first time the grown-up Stinkers actually got to stand on the podium.

2007 24 Hours of Hurkey Creek Results

Here are our September 2007 Hurkey Creek splits