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2006 24 Hours of Temecula

Speed rules.

Granny Gear continues to hang in there with the Temecula venue, even though attendance has been shrinking over the past few years. Only 45 teams raced this year, but Granny was just as enthusiastic and helpful as ever. The Weasels settled into our deluxe "Dawn Treader" accommodations, compliments of Shane and his family, and proceeded to enjoy every second of our time on this great course.

The new and improved (as of 2005) 24 hour course at Vail Lake covers much of the same ground as the original course. The climbing on the first half of the course is just as long, but it has been cleaned up a bit and rides much easier. The second half of the course includes most of the downhill, and is almost indescribably fun. There is plenty of the trademark ridgetop single and double track, steep drops and equally steep climbs, and a few crazy-steep downhill sections.

Saturday was cloudy, and around sunset it started to drizzle. Light rain followed for most of the night, with a few heavier downpours. It got downright harsh in the early morning hours, mostly while Jeff was doing a heroic lap on his hardtail, negotiating all the steep, rocky stuff that had turned to one big slip 'n slide. The course handled all but the heaviest rain pretty well, and by dawn it began to dry out and turn very fast.

We were satisfied with 5th place in our class and 9th overall, but mostly we just had a great time riding. Marc probably wins the Biggest-Grin-After-Each-Lap prize, as he was riding his new FS rig (about a week old) and cruised through without any of his usual back agony.

2006 24 Hours of Temecula Results