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The Second Annual Granny Gear 24 Hours of Temecula

"You want to pass me here??!!"

Granny Gear came back to southern California and ran their second annual race at Vail Lake Resort near Temecula, which finished just before a terrible fire swept through the area. It was hot again, just as steep as we remembered, and it got very sandy in places by the end. A couple of mechanical problems kept us from beating our buddies, Confused Too, but they did a great job and deserve to lord it over us for a year or so (which they have). The high point for me was getting passed in the middle of the night, on the steepest part of the Dragon's Back, by an out-of-control "expert" class rider. That was exciting. I have no idea how we made it without stacking it up.

2004 24 Hours of Temecula Results (look for us in 4-man sport)